The Iron, The Blood and the Soul

Hello fellow players, does you blood and soul remains unmixed as it should be or are you performing miracles without the Elder ones?

Hope the answer is the 2nd (because we are, just don't let anyone know we are a bunch of heretics), on this post we are gonna list things that didn't end in the IGMC but we'd like to implement in the near future or at least when the IGMC ends so we are working hard instead of resting. One of us was on vacation, the other has a ill parent at home and had to make many breaks during development and another had enough free time to move on with the project and as funny as it sounds we did everything that you've seen and heard in game within 20 days.

Yeah, we are a bunch of insane people. No, don't tells us that, it's a waste of time. And the list begins now.

  • Make EXP more immersive: Combat is not the only reason to earn EXP, same goes for quests. Different ways of interaction should reward players in any form. This is handled by the 1st enemy encounter you have before getting in the Sanctum. 
  • Show, do not tell: Many things we wanted to the player to find out by exploration instead of reading it directly from a NPC. Many lines of dialog are kinda open or just throw things in the air so they'd get stuck in your head and make you think about it but it's not the same as finding stuff exploring places or having scenes that could show you how things are or may be.
  • Reduce the walking speed of the player: Yes, we know that walking at normal speed made the game shorter than the intended. It doesn't even hit the 40 minutes mark if you explore the enviroment.
  • Limit the effects of equipable items: Many exploits were noticed only after the prototype was deployed and uploaded, We tried to balance things out but it didn't worked as we wanted in the end. We didn't had time to upload a patch to solve this issue and we are very sorry since it made the game far easier than the intended.
  • Weapon fortification: We didn't had enough time to add this one, this could have led to a better experience. We never wanted to make more than 1 version and/or variant of any weapon the game. This could lead to a more unique approach since every weapon has their own Burst skillset. We are also considering Upgrade slots on them and they'd have the same number of slots as well.
  • Fix broken attribute scaling: The prototype was made thinking about low level cap. At higher levels it's kinda messy and that's why it needs some tweaks.
  • Improve Boss Design and Behaviour: The only fights that trully peased us were against the last 2 bosses, w.e we want most of the fights to be closer to the Last Boss fight with a different approach where you can't hit its main body unless you defeat its other parts. We are considering the use of Minions to cover it if it wouldn't make sense to split the boss into a puzzle itself.

Hope you guys stayed with us till the end and we hope you can see those changes in the future or that we meet again with another project.

Safe travels.

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